eas|i|ly [ `izəli ] adverb ***
▸ 1 without difficulty
▸ 2 for saying something is likely
▸ 3 definitely
▸ 4 more often than usual
▸ 5 in confident/relaxed way
1. ) without difficulty or effort:
I could easily manage without a car.
You could go there and back in a day easily.
To her surprise the key turned easily in the lock.
I don't think she's easily impressed.
2. ) used for saying that something is likely to happen or be true:
The situation could easily get worse.
3. ) definitely:
This is easily his best album in years.
4. ) more quickly or more often than is usual or normal:
Some babies cry more easily than others.
5. ) in a confident and relaxed way:
He moved easily between traditional and modern jazz.
Sam and Luke had met before and chatted easily.
all too easily
used for saying that something often happens, especially something bad:
Feelings of resentment can all too easily turn to anger.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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